Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Found God in Laundry...

When I get to Heaven, one of the first people I'd like to have a word with is EVE. I mean, REALLY?! An apple?! You caved and sent all of humanity into sin for an APPLE?! Not a chocolate bar? Or a big steak? Or an "I'll be forever thin" pill?

An apple.

Eve really needed to get her priorities in order... *wink*

I thought of this today as I was wrangling the kids to put away their laundry. Again. Because I'm always doing laundry. And they keep having to put it away.

They keep wearing clothes.
And getting them dirty.
And hence I have to wash them.
And dry them.
And we put them away.
And the cycle continues.

I tried to point out that if our whole family stopped wearing clothes then we could stop having to put away laundry... but even my 9-year old and 6-year old found this idea to be problematic (i.e. "MOM...! They won't let us into the movies without clothes!!!").

And just think, if Eve hadn't succumbed to the lure of an APPLE, of all things, we'd all be happily running around nekkid and there would be no need for laundry!

But even as my arms protest at dragging up yet another heavy basket of clean clothes, I am THANKFUL.

  • Thankful that I have clothes to launder.
  • Thankful that I have a washing machine.
  • And a DRYER (I'm still haunted by our conversation, my friend Carrie-- who lives in Scotland and doesn't use a dryer!).
  • Thankful that I have healthy kids who dirty up their clothes playing outside.
  • Thankful that I have capable kids who CAN put away their own laundry....
  • ...And sort it into lights & darks in the first place.

(We're still working on they turning things right-side out, but hey, they've got the sorting thing down!)

Because God can take even the simplest things and use it for good.

And I can count my blessings... with each fold of a shirt or pair of shorts.

What have you been complaining about lately?
And what are the blessings you should be counting instead??

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)

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