Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farewell "Jesus Pants" - Part III of the "Cursed Pants"

One of my favorite series of posts are on my Jesus Pants - a pair of khaki pants that seem to attract stains.  In my first story about them, I referred to them as the "cursed pants" - a post that talked about the cycle of sin and forgiveness.  Then my perspective changed - "cursed" is too harsh a word for these amazing pants - they are Jesus Pants!  They accept the stains to keep other clothes from being ruined! :)

Unfortunately... a couple of weeks ago, the Jesus Pants met their end... but God is not without a sense of humor, that's for sure...!!

I had worn my Jesus pants on a date with my husband.  We went to Qdoba for lunch and were stopping by the grocery store after (I know, I know... when you've been married 15 years, a kid-free grocery store visit IS a date!! - LOL!).  We'd been all through the deli aisles, the bakery area, the fruit and veggies, and the pasta/Mexican aisles when I zipped ahead of David (who had the cart) to skirt between two older ladies who were clogging up an aisle.

When David caught up to me, he could barely speak, he was laughing so hard!  I was backed up against a display as he leaned down and told me that my pants had a H U G E rip across the backside!!!

Apparently all of those cycles of bleach had finally worn them out and my favorite pants how had a 7" tear at the very top of my thigh in the back!  I had been flashing the world for several aisles already!!!

Fortunately, I still had my "winter" purse - a bigger messenger bag style so I shifted the bag to hide my behind, and slowly walked out to the car to wait.  When I got there, I could tell this tear was big -- mainly because I could feel the seat of the car on my upper leg!!

God has a great sense of humor.  Rather than a quiet end to these great pants, they got a BIG send-off!!  I hope He was laughing in Heaven -- not at my expense, of course -- but at the general hilarity of the situation.  The pants are gone - but its stories will not be forgotten!

Take the time to find humor in the world around your world.  Our God is the One who created the giraffe (with a tongue long-enough to clean out it's own ears), the annoying mosquito, the freaky naked mole rat, and the horned frog.  This is a God who obviously likes jokes!

:) Mags
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