Monday, June 29, 2015

Blogs I Follow...

While I'm not always writing on this blog, I sure am reading perspectives from other blogs!  Thought I'd share my favorites with you in case you'd like them too!

MATT WALSH - Ultra conservative, fierce, and fearless.  Preaching Truth - and he's saying all the things we're afraid to say out loud.

JEN HATMAKER - How much do I LOVE this lady!  I've read several of her books and participated in many of her Bible Studies.  I wish I knew her in real life!

WE ARE THAT FAMILY -  This wonderful Christian wife, mother, author, and runner of Mercy House writes an amazing blog about how she navigates a secular world with Christian values and choices.  I always get great inside from her blog posts!

MOMASTERY - The most amazing book this lady wrote is called, "Carry On, Warrior."  It's a MUST-READ for all women.  Seriously.  The Momastery blog is also full of great posts!

Happy Reading!
:) Mags
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