Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karaoke Tuesday: How He Loves

I haven't done a "Karaoke Tuesday" in a while - but I've got a fantastic one for you today! I first heard this at church - the amazing Micah sang it solo with just his guitar during communion, and I ran right home and looked it up on iTunes. :) That's where most of the featured songs come from - our rock-n-roll church service. I am lucky to have found such an amazing church!! - But I digress... :)

Do you remember the "pinch-pot?" Seems like every kindergartner or first grader makes a pinch-pot in art. You start with a blob of clay and push your thumbs into the center of it - pinching your thumb outward to your fingers to shape a small bowl. We still have my husband's elementary school pinch-pot in a lighted display case in our living room. Now, alongside it, sits both Jack and Luke's pots. They are somewhat crude, sort-of misshapen, and not even close to symmetrical. They wouldn't fetch but 5 cents at a garage sale, but the meaning behind them and the effort to make them is priceless.

I think nearly every kid is proud of their pinch pot. The first time they likely worked with REAL clay (not playdough!). When Luke brought his home earlier this year, he ran down the street from the bus stop, craddling this pot-wrapped-in-newspapers in his two hands. THIS was a masterpiece, and he couldn't wait to show it to us. He was beaming when we put it into the glass case. HIS masterpiece... something he created all by himself... was placed on the hallowed case for all to see. When he's a Dad, he can show his kids his pinch-pot... and display it proudly next to the pots they, themselves, bring home one day. Masterpieces are always treasured... no matter the flaws that might exist-- That's part of what makes something a "MASTERPIECE."

We are masterpieces from God. He shaped us - just like my son's small hands worked his pinch-pot. He knows us inside and out - He knows our fears and our flaws - He knows our strengths and our character. And despite all of this, He loves each and everyone one of us.
He loves us.
He loves us!
That's the point of today's song... that God LOVES us SO much - it is hard to imagine just how much:
"He Loves Us"

I'm so totally flawed, myself. I am "unfiltered" - which is just a clever way of saying that I don't often think before I speak and just word-vomit-out whatever is on my mind. It's a freeing thing, most of the time, but sometimes, even I cringe at what unfiltered sentence just fell out of my mouth. :) That's probably my biggest flaw... but then there's the part of me that's bossy... and the part that is selfish... Oh, and the part that has no willpower when it comes to Angel Food Cake with Pink Icing... or chocolate... or French fries... Yup, it's safe to say that I have flaws... and lots of them.
But while God wants me to work on my flaws, He loves me regardless and in spite of those shortcomings.
Because I, and you, are God's masterpiece.
And God doesn't make mistakes.
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. -Ephesians 2:10
Enjoy today's song.
:) Mags
Want to give it a listen for yourself? Hear it HERE on Last.FM.
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