Friday, April 15, 2011

Rise Up, Congregation!!

Frankly, if your own church isn't doing something like this for Easter, I think you're missing out... LOL!

I would LOVE to be a part of something like this!!  How much fun are those people having!!  Reminds me of the joy I always felt when I was a part of my high school and college dance teams!

This Easter, I hope you get a chance to really feel the JOY of God's grace and sacrifice.  Because of Him, we have everlasting life... and if you don't get the chance to dance like this on earth, you can bet you're going to be able to dance like this in Heaven!!

He is RISEN!  And that's something to be joyful about!!

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter,
:) Mags
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Trina said...

Awesome!!! People use the word "awesome" so much but this is really awesome. Thanks, Maggie.

John said...

That was soooo uplifting!!! I am smiling right now.
I just got home from a Baptism and now this. I am walking on air . No need for shoes here.

Tammy E. said...

While studying to teach a Sunday School lesson last week, I found a commentary that was putting down "contemporary" worship, saying that people were just there to be entertained. This video reminds me that we are not being entertained. We are praising God, and I believe we will do praise Him for eternity. Why not start practicing now? Thanks for sharing. :o)

Cindi said...

Very cool Mags! I would love to see something like this live. :)