Friday, May 27, 2011

My God Is NOT Anonymous!

I REALLY like it when awesome things happen to people and they remember to thank God.  Too often we run screaming to God BEGGING for "HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!" when things go sour, but then forget to run screaming to him shouting "THHAAANNKKK  YOOOUUU!!!" when we've been blessed.

Fortunately, this week, there have been some great examples of people remembering the Lord...

1. Scotty McCreery won this year's American Idol.  One of the FIRST things he said, to the ENTIRE cheering audience was "I've got to thank the Lord first; he got me here!"  In fact, every week over the course of the competition, Scotty has taken the time to give thanks for his successes.  How fantastic is that?   This blog article written by a person from his hometown area further explains how God has blessed Scotty AND how he has openly offered this thanks to Him.  It is so refreshing to see someone in the public light, with thousands of fans (many of them tween kids) seeing a role model who is opening faithful to God.  Rock on, Scotty!!

2.  Tornadoes have been ripping through areas of the US this week.  One even touched town briefly in Liberty Township, OH which is just a few miles from our house!  Despite "only" being an F1 tornado (the 2nd weakest), the short 100 yards it hit were devastated.  Take THIS house:

YIKES!!  Hannah Hawkins (17) and her Mom were asleep UPSTAIRS when the tornado ripped the roof and walls off of the second floor in the middle of the night.  As the father ran up from the basement (after hearing his daughter screaming), he could stare right up into the night sky.  The ROOF WAS GONE!  

There is a wonderful article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer chronicling this scary event.  The Hawkins' across-the-street-neighbor, Kelvin Scott, found one of his cars completely flipped over.

  This is what he said about the tornado:
“God preserved everybody in this neighborhood. This is all just material stuff. Cars, homes can all be replaced. But human life cannot. So God gets all the praise. He was looking out for everybody in this neighborhood last night.”

God gets all the praise.
This should be our mantra - in every awesome moment, in every quiet success, in every GOOD thing in our lives, to give thanks AND to tell others of the blessings we've received.
I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
   I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1 (NIV)

God does NOT want to be anonymous.  He wants you to share how He has blessed and changed your life.  Whether you blog, or Facebook, or witness, or just talk amongst your friends, be sure to weave in a comment or two that shows others that your God is not anonymous, and that you are thankful for His blessings everyday!

:) Mags
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Carolyn said...

So glad that you all are ok, as are the folks that lived in that house! Also SO thankful that God is not anonymous!! He shows who He is in so many ways and the protection of these folks is just one way. Thank you God!!

Sharlotte Hardin Hughes said...

AaaaaaMennnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree.

Abundant Grace Stamper said...

Mags, you are one special gal! God Bless you for having such an awesome blog! I LOVE this, and the music Rock's too! :)

Dinglefoot's Scrapnotes said...

Amen Mags! I love that line about running to Him for problems, but remembering to thank Him too for all He does for us :)

Cindi said...

Amen Mags! Great post. :)

D L McCarragher said...
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D L McCarragher said...

To God be all the glory! So many times over the past 10 days we have seen people praising God and thanking Him for His protection during the tornados. Our God is awesome and worthy of all praise!

(Heb. 10:23)