Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Make-over & new Facebook Page!

Thought it was about time this blog got a makeover so I worked on it tonight... new background, new header... what do you think?

Also - I've created an Everyday Places Facebook Page - by "liking" it, you'll be able to see notifications on your Homepage of new posts.  I'm an inherently lazy person - and Facebook is the very first place I go every morning to check the latest news... so if you are anything like me, having one place to see all of my favorite blogs is GREAT!  I really hope you'll "like" the page and share it with your friends and family.  I'm feeling a calling to really work on this blog - but since I'm a totally comment-junkie, I need all of the feedback and encouragement I can get!

Hope you all are having a good summer - we are in the middle of select baseball tryouts for my older son.  His team's coaching staff kind of "imploded" at the end of the season and the team broke apart.  Tryouts are VERY competitive - I've been saying little prayers to God that Jack finds new team.  He LOVES baseball and really wants to play at this level... but the competition is FIERCE!  Hopefully we'll get good news soon!

On a different note, we visited with my parents and nephew today.  Want a glimpse of God?  We watched Jack (age 10) play with his 2-year old cousin, Connor.  Connor was afraid of a book that had bugs in it (Sam's Burger and Sam's Sandwich); Jack was so gentle and kind... showing him how the book was just pretend.  He even got Connor to TOUCH the "bugs!"
 If only we had that kind-of patience ALL the time! I was really proud of Jack today!

Hope to see you all on Facebook!
:) Mags
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Belle said...

I love the new header and look of your blog. I hope Jack gets on a team too. I always think they should let everyone play, but I guess they would never do that!

Cindi said...

Love the new doo and congratulations on your new Facebook page. Can't wait for new inspiration. :)

Jill Iversen said...

Looks good! Hope you enjoy it for yourself, too! Have a great day...

ElixirMixer said...
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