Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scrapbooking Bible Study - Fruit of the Spirit

This fall, I started leading a Scrapbooking Bible Study at our church on the Fruit of the Spirit. I have the scrapbooking knowledge (I've been a scrapper since I was 15... over 20 years!) - but was a little short on the Bible knowledge. I found a book through Amazon that was great for the Bible part - but pitiful on the scrappin' part! I ordered one and then used it as a foundation for our class. We used the verses provided and the questions, but created our own originial layouts each week. I am the only digital scrapbooker in the group - everyone else has been creating amazing paper layouts. It really has been an amazing experience!

Here is my cover page:

Background ©Layla Barzi,
2007Backyard Alpha from NRB
Text from the Bible

Galatians 5:16-23 is our main verse for this Bible Study. For the first lesson, we talked about God's role as a gardener and living a "fruitful life." Some people made a 2-page layout on this theme - others made a single-page layout to serve as the finale for the album. This is my final page:
Verses from the Bible (NIV & Msg)
Dirt created by me
Flowers by BlueToille Scrap
Bows by Angel Flying Solo

We are the branches connected to Christ's vine... there are wonderful things we can accomplish through Him! Sometimes God needs to prune out the garbage from our lives - but in doing that, He enables you to grow and learn. What kind of "fruit" do you produce? And what does that say about you...?
Stop back each Thursday for the next several weeks to see the next layouts!
:) Mags
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Sue said...

I love your scapbook page! This project will be valuable to you as a family. I am a Christian who God gave a love of gardening to. I like the references made in the Bible about growing things. In fact, I make reference to the John 15 verses in my blog title.

klujics said...

Love these pages. Praying about leading the Bible study for our church too!

Stephanie said...

I found your blog through a search for the Bible study scrapbook, I will look into your other posts of how you liked it :)