Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Found God on my Windshield...

I'm a member of several online groups, and in most of them, there is a place for a "motto" or "tagline," My little bit of wisdom has always been (are you ready for this... it's deep...!):

On the road of life,
sometimes you're the windshield..... and sometimes you're the bug!
I consider it a good day when I'm the "windshield" - brazenly making my way through the day, eliminating and squashing the bugs and troubles that come my way.

On a "bad" day... I'm the BUG... defeated and squished as the big cars of life come rolling along... smashing the life right out of me.

My cyberfriend, Sharlotte, is in one of these groups with me (Scrapbooking with Faith) so she has seen my motto. I was thrilled to read an alternate idea on her God Blog - that perhaps in this bug-and-windshield scenario, there is room for one more element... the windshield wiper.... And the windshield wiper is God.

Is your interest piqued? Then follow this link to read Sharlotte's thoughts:

And while you're there, please leave her a comment and tell her that "Mags sent you!"

Thanks Sharlotte... I'll never look at my wipers in the same way again!

:) Mags
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1 comment:

Sharlotte said...

Ah Mags! Great big old fat southern lady hugs to you! You are such a sweetie!