Friday, March 20, 2009

I Found God in

If you saw Transformers - The Motion Picture in theaters, you know that while the toys are played with by the 5-to-10 yr. old set, the movie was rated PG-13 for a completely UNnecessary scene concerning a teenage boy and masterbation. Thank God for - a FANTASTIC website that edits movies down to PG and PG-13. To stay copyright-compliant, when you buy a movie from this website, you pay for the original version and get the edited version for free. As long as you keep the two versions together, no "additional" movies are actually made (which doesn't violate copyright). I have used this service; I am SO THRILLED with the results!!! :)

I remember sitting with my 7-yr. son Jack in the movie theater one day when a preview for Transformers came across the screen. Both of us were mezmorized by the short clip, and we saw the shiny grill and heard the robotic sounds... both of us whispered at the same time: Optimus Prime... as the Autobot leader flashed before us.

Imagine my dismay when the movie was released and was rated PG-13. WHAT? The toys are marketed for little kids - why include material that prevented little kids from seeing it? Transforming robots saving the world from evil with loud explosions, fast cars, and military men? What more could a little boy want?!?!

I watched Transformers movie after it came out on DVD... without my kids. Good thing! - While it was, indeed, amazing - packed with all of the robots my kids would adore, it was also infused with a handful of suggestive dialogue plus the obnoxious masturbation scene.


But in November, I stumbled across the GoodMoviesOnline website. And Transformers was one of the movies they offered. They could edit out the questionable scene and maintain the PG-13 rating or they could "dumb-it-down" to PG and eliminate all sexual references as well. I bought the PG version; we saved it for Jack's birthday in February, and finally, tonight, the boys and I had time to watch it.




My kids loved it - I loved it - and the questionable scene was edited out flawlessly - I couldn't even see where it had been! Plus, no bad language! No human blood! Of course, we're talking about Transformers: it IS full of explosions, battles, duels, etc.; you can't edit that out or you're left with nothing but the closing credits! :) But I knew what I was getting into... I just wanted it without the sex and language!

This is an amazing service - just think of all of the fun movies out there that we CAN'T show our kids b/c of the adult situations, language, or extreme violence contained within. Even when they are "13" - some of the messages are still not ones we want reinforced. has a huge assortment of new and classic movies to choose from.

I am so thankful to find a place that takes the "junk" out of movies to make them kid-friendly. I hope you'll check out their store too - because this is one place that I hope stays in business for a long, long time!! :)

PS... I actually found God IN Transformers too... for that, you'll have to wait for the next post! :)
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Sarah Mitchell said...

Thanks for sharing this! I don't let my son (7) watch Transformers, Spiderman, Superman, etc because of the PG 13 ratings and the fact that I've heard about the sexual scenes and language in the movies! It's good to know that he will be able to watch movies with his favorite characters now!