Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karaoke Tuesday: Never Let Go

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This fantastic tag was animated by Big Mick Creations.
In this picture, I love how the frog at the top of the faucet is NOT letting go of his friend. The odds are against them - drippy water... the weight of supporting a whole other being... It's just one slippery grip from becoming a disaster. But the top frog continues to hold on... no matter what.
That's God for ya'. He holds onto our hand no matter what. And He does NOT let go.
Matt Redmond does a fabulous song called Never Let Go.  Read the LYRICS here.

I love this song - the fact that God is with through the good times and the hard times is a comfort. He is steadfast; His grip does not slip. He is the one who can pull us out of the quagmires in which we put ourselves. And no matter the situation, He does not fail us.
Yesterday was Father's Day. Of course we remembered our fathers and grandfathers. But did anyone take a moment to thank THE Father for His love?
His creations?
His Son?
His sacrifice?
His faithfulness?
Our Father gave us life, a brain, and our salvation. There are no greater gifts. Thank you, God. You are appreciated.
Listen to this song HERE at Last.FM
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