Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Found God in New Year's Resolutions...

Honestly, I hate those "New Year's Resolutions...!" People make them... then break them... then lament that they were impossible resolutions to keep in the first place. Often, these same "resolutions" resurface in the spring when people "give something up for Lent" - because this time, it's temporary... vs. that pesky January resolution that supposed to last the whole year.


I saw a wonderful post on a friend's Facebook page earlier this month. It talked about how every year, we go through periods where we overtly give THANKS for the blessings in our lives: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. But he wondered how hard we, ourselves, work at being someone for which those around us are thankful...?

Perhaps a good resolution for all of us to consider would be God's golden rule: to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves. What if, this year, we were the kind of person that others are thankful for? Because wouldn't it be awesome if, come November at someone else's Thanksgiving table, YOU were the person they were grateful to?

Jesus gave of himself selflessly. What small things can you do in 2011 that will allow you to give a few extra minutes of your time, a few extra dollars from your wallet, or a few extra prayers from your heart?

May God bless you and your family,
:) Mags
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Odie Langley said...

Hi Mags,
My wife & I saw the situation coming during the holiday season so we decided not to exchange gifts between ourselves but to choose a lady at a rest home near us that has no family. We blessed her with some items that she needed and really made her Christmas. We intend to carry that spirit into 2011 by visiting her at least once a month and remembering her on her birthday. Kind of adopting her. I feel better about our direction already.
Have a blessed day. :)

Belle said...

Now this is a worthwhile resolution. I have asked God for many years to make my life be a blessing to others. He has given me lots of opportunities and I thank him for that.
I think the person I am most thankful for is my husband who is as steady as a rock. I can always depend on him.