Thursday, March 20, 2008

I found God in my Nose...

Now I'm NOT talking about boogers...! But I believe there are some scents and smells that are just HEAVENLY!
Coffee Drinker
This week, I got to open a new bag of coffee - at the moment, my favorite blend is Folgers Hazelnut Cream-flavored coffee (and I add Coffeemate's Hazelnut Creamer to it). Opening a new bag of coffee means it has to be a GREAT morning... Because the smell of "NEW/FRESH" coffee is just amazing! Even my kids love it - when they see me opening a new bag of coffee, they run over to come smell it. My best friend, who doesn't even LIKE coffee, commented yesterday that my kitchen smelled so good (it was the brewing coffee!). There are some scents that are just heaven-sent, for sure!

Take a moment to think about your favorite smells...whether it be the smell of spring, or winter, or summer, or fall, newly cut grass, a clean dog, a baby's head, clean sheets, whatever... and thank God for these little gifts. I thank God for the scent of hazelnut coffee in the morning and a ton of other smells that lift me up during the day!

God bless you!
:) Mags

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