Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fruit of the Spirit - FAITHFULNESS Layout

I'm sure that most people who get married, aren't wondering how soon they will get divorced. Everyone expects their marriage to last "forever." But in an age where quickie-divorces are easy and common, actually having a marriage last until death do you part is getting rarer and rarer. A lasting marriage requires the active committment from both people involved to stick it out through the tough times:

  • the times when you look over at your spouse and wonder if you've married a buffoon (not that that has ever happened, of course!)...
  • the times where you aren't even "in the same book" - let alone the "same page"...
  • the sad times,
  • the times of great loss,
  • the angry times,
  • the financially unstable times,
  • the lonely times,
  • the beyond-hard times...
David and I have made this committment - twice, actually. The first was at our wedding. The second was when we went to a Marriage Encounter weekend and re-affirmed our committment to each other. We are faithful to each other - in our body, mind, and spirit. We choose to stand by each other - no matter what. Faithfulnes is LOVE HANGING ON. It is love saying, "I WILL NOT QUIT." That is my focus for this layout:

The song lyrics are by Fisher - a song called, "I Will Love You." It is a gorgeous, gorgeous song!
You can bet you'll hear about it again on a Karaoke Tuesday!
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