Monday, February 25, 2008

I Found God In My Computer...

Seriously... some crazy glitch/crash/mess happened in my computer last week. All of the subfolders and folders that housed my various emails I've saved dumped out of each other and organized themselves in ABC order... so I had 65+ email folders all "out" and not neatly tucked away within the 10 or less main folders. And I use Incredimail; all of the saved IM Letters (email stationery) neatly organized into some main folders, dumped themselves out as well.

The time it took to re-organzed was lost when I rebooted my computer, and THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!

In addition to the folder issue, I could receive my email, but not send any.

To fix the situation, I started doing all I knew how to do... re-installing software, clearing out temp files, restarting the computer, checking out IM and Google Help sites - NOTHING was working!!

Finally, I stopped,
Took a breath,
Closed my eyes,
And I prayed.

I prayed to God to either fix the computer Himself or guide me to the knowledge to find the answers I sought.

Then I opened my eyes, took another breath, and started through yet another re-install/upgrade of the IM software.

Within a half-hour, my email was working again!!

Thanks, God!!!

This wasn't a miracle on the scale of water-into-wine or loaves-and-fishes, for sure - but in my little world, my laptop and my email is a B-I-G deal... by myself, I could not fix my problems, but as soon as I asked for God's help, I was able to solve my problem.

Maybe... but I doubt it... that's what this blog is all about... Finding God in small doses... in everyday places... working in my life. :)

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