Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to "Everyday Places..."

So why in the world is an outspoken, semi-obnoxious gal like me writing a Christian blog? ? ? ?

I may be asking myself this same question at some point...! :)

I'm just a girl trying to learn more about her faith... a "late-bloomer" - one who rarely, if ever, "felt" God in church (when she actually even went to church)... who shied away from those "religious people" - who actually said (out loud... to people!), "It's the same old story... what they really need is a laser light show or something to liven it up..." (with regards to the candelight Christmas Eve service.... *shudder!*).

But I've felt something change in the last year or two... and I'm noticing the wonder of God's creations all around... I'd like to share my discoveries with you... and maybe help some other wanderer find their way as well.

Thank you for sharing a little corner of cyberspace with me,
:) Mags
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