Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Found God In Potatoes...

DH is out-of-town tonight so the kids and I went to Bob Evans for dinner. I had French fries with my burger, and though it might be a stretch to say I "found God" in my French fries (in all their heavenly saltness!), it's my blog, and there aren't many other heavenly tastes than hot, salty fries - they must be created by God!!

Plus, I was reminded of this poem that I wrote for a graduate writing class... thought you might enjoy it!

My Thighs Are Made Of Fries
By Maggie Carlton*, July 1995
(*my maiden name)

Give me the steaming, golden French fry,

Truly, it will light up my eye.
That mouth-watering stick heavy with salt,
Surely, this weakness cannot be my fault.

Some starch-craved relative passed along,
This spud-lovin' gene that does my body wrong.
To me it is worth it-- the extra flab cushion,
Formed by the fries, into my mouth I've been pushin'!

No cardboard, healthy rice cake for me,
Nor stale bran flakes to make me dreary.
Keep away those diets the little fry is not a part,
For to be separated from him would break my heart.

Yes, I'll forgo those slender hips,
Just so mine can be made of chips.
I'll let the cellulite gather,
Around my middle, the greasy fries slather.

A perfect marriage of potato and grease--
Oh! To have just one more piece!
Burgers and pizza, even chicken with fries,
With any meal, they're a pleasant surprise!

And as I prepare to meet my maker,
I'll be fry-in-hand reaching for that salt-shaker!
Oh, to have just one more fry...
That single moment before I die!

If you decide to copy or save it, please keep my name with it - I appreciate it!

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