Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Found God in Battery Back-Up...

At seven o'clock last night, just as my kids were getting ready to watch Tom & Jerry, thunderstorms came in, and we lost power.

This is a catastrophe in kid-land for two big reasons:

  1. As I've written before, my kids are the human version of Tom & Jerry... therefore they must be able to watch this show to see how to beat and poke each other most effectively. (please notice the sarcasm)
  2. At seven o'clock, I relish this brief 1/2 hour of peace... because my kids are watching Tom & Jerry, I can check email or do some other techie-thing without a kid interrupting me.

But when there is no power, we lose the lights, the TV, the desktop computer, video games, DVR, and all other electronic devices.

However... Mommy has a laptop... with a battery.

So when the kids converge into the den in panic:

"Why are the lights out?"

"Is there a tornado?"

"I'm scared!"

"How can we watch Tom & Jerry?!"

"WHY is your computer still on?!?!?!" aNGERED

I tell them that Mommy's computer has a battery back-up that allows it to work even without power... that they'll just have to (gasp!) play with toys until the lights return... that obviously God didn't want them to watch TV at this moment - otherwise He wouldn't have struck out the lights... (No... I'm kidding!! I didn't say that last part, I promise!). :)

Fortunately, it's summer and 7PM means that with the windows open, there is still plenty of sunlight left with which to see. But at other times, no power can mean we are all plunged into darkness... with no light to guide our way. And the darkness IS scary... even for grown-ups.

And it got me thinking about God... and how he always has a battery back-up. God is always available to us... even in our darkest hours. If we are lonely, in some tornado of chaos or calamity, or weathering the storms of everyday life, God is there with open arms and a flashlight to guide our way.

1 John 1:6 says God is light, pure light; there's not a trace of darkness in him. So surely... at our darkest moments... God... THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE... can provide us with the light and comfort needed to get us through the tough times.

Turn to Him. When you are lost... When you are scared... When you are lonely... When you are weary. When you are at your darkest place, God can guide you back into His warmth and light. All you have to do is ask. Just like my battery back-up, His light is always on.


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1 comment:

Heather S. said...

I'm impressed that the boys even put 2 and 2 together and realized--HEY! Mom's computer should be off too! When our power is out I still walk around stupidly and try to turn on assorted electrical stuff.

Great thoughts, Maggie. I also love that light and darkness cannot co-exist, so the more light you let in to your life, the further you push the darkness away.