Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Karaoke Tuesday: "Here I Am" by Shawn McDonald

I'm starting a new thing called "Karaoke Tuesdays!" Come and sing along with me!!

At our church, I've discovered so many awesome songs from contemporary worship bands... often I've got song titles scribbled all over my bulletin (fortunately, the worship band lists the title on the first frame of the lyric-slides... makes my song search much easier!), then when I get home, I'm loading up iTunes to find a version that I like!

Last year, one of our friends sang Shawn McDonald's Here I Am while he played his acoustic guitar. It was amazing!! This past Sunday, the Worship Band finally (FINALLY!!!) did the song again. Again - the power of this song ripped through the band members, the singer, and the congregation.

Here are the lyrics.

The the entire song is raw and powerful... just the song you need when you are feeling beaten-down or defeated.

Because when you are at your lowest point, God will lift you up. When you give up the tight-fisted control of your life, open your arms, mind, heart, and soul to God, He will carry through the burdens and hardships you face. You are not alone.

Take care of you this week,

You can listen to his LIVE version here at Last.FM. And you can purchase both his studio recording and his live version at iTunes.

Artist: Shawn McDonald
Song: Here I Am
Album(s): Double Take
Live in Seattle
Simply Nothing
Scattered Pieces (live version)

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