Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Found God in a Calculator...

I've found it...!
The meaning of life...
The point of our being...
The key to lifelong peace!

And it's not a long paragraph... or a thick volume... It's a numeric code!
The secret to life-long peace is as simple as a 6-digit code...!

Do you have your calculators handy? A cell-phone? Heck - you can even do this with a piece of paper and a pencil...

Are you ready for the ultimate answer?

Okay... take a deep breath... write this number down (or type it into your calcular or cell phone):

Write the digits close together... almost touching each other. Use straight lines for your one's, and round your five's a bit so there aren't such sharp corners.


Are you ready for this?

Now... turn your calcular (or cell-phone... or paper) upside down. Unfocus your eyes and read the code:

Isn't it funny how things we feel will be quite complicated... are really quite simple?

If you try to live your life the way Jesus did...
...being kind to everyone... even the "losers,"
...loving one another,
...living FOR others,
...working hard,
...being authentic, honest, and true,

Then you will find life-long peace, you will find the point to your being, and you will find the "meaning" of life.

You don't have to make it harder than it really is... Jesus did not arrive on this earth with a parade... from start to finish, he led a simple, sinless life and worked miracles. While we cannot expect to be "sinless" - sometimes a simple act of kindness to another person can work miracles in its own way. Jesus was friendly and loving to all who came to Him... do we act in the same manner?

WWJD is not just a bracelet... it's a way of life.

Have a blessed day,

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1 comment:

Heather S. said...

It's true: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is really quite simple. It doesn't mean it's easy, but it is simple. And sweet.