Monday, August 18, 2008

Honor God With The Good!

It's easy to run to God with the problems or issues - but do we always remember to honor God with the good things? I'm taking a moment now...

I'm a digital crafter - and I create and sell my digital scrapbooking kits and embellishments through my digital crafting blog and website/store. I found out last week that my application to design for an outside scrap store was accepted!! Now digital scrapbookers can find my creations for sale at MooTwo Designs too! I'm a Moo Two girl!

When my application was approved, I remember sitting back in my den chair and taking a moment - just a quick one to shout out to God: "Do you see this? I was accepted! Thanks, God!" I was just thrilled to have someone like my creations enough to offer them through their store - and I wanted to share that news with God.

Have you take a moment to honor God with the good in your life? You know He gets lots and LOTS of prayer requests, lamentations, cursing, wailing, etc.... I bet He's appreciative when someone takes the time to just share the good news with Him. I'm sure you've got something good going on in your life that you could share with Him.

You know he's always listening!

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Martha said...

Congrats on Moo Two!

David said...


God has given you a gift and a passion for creativity.