Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karaoke Tuesday: "Love Song" by Jason Morant

♥ Are you in love with your God?
Are you excited to share your good news with Him?
Do you run to Him in times of great sorrow or need?
Does your God see past your walls? Your insecurities? Your facades?
Does He see into the darkest corners of your heart..... and love you anyway?

Just when I think I've found my top three favorite songs, I'll hear another that just rocks my world. This is one of those songs: Love Song by Jason Morant.  Read the LYRICS HERE.

Who really knows you the best? Your spouse? Your mom or dad? Your best friend?
Aren't there secrets that you've kept hidden still? Thoughts you've buried? Things that make you feel guilty... or ashamed... or just loser?

God sees that, you know. God looks through your skin into your inner core. He knows you at your very best... He knows you at your very worst. And still... still... He loves you.


That is something to sing about.
That is what this song is about.

Last Sunday, our friend, Micah, sang this during Worship. It was amazing; rock on, Micah! I'm sure God was pleased to be honored. :)

Have you taken a moment to honor God as your closest friend? The one who sees through all of your pretenses, who knows you best, and who loves you alway?
If I was doing a "Casey Kasem long-distance dedication"... I'd dedicate this song to God. What about you?
Song: Love Song
Artist: Jason Morant
Album: Abandon
Hear this song on Last.FM.
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