Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Found God In Google...

You just got to love Google...!

On the right-hand side of this blog is a Feedjit Widget that keeps a running tab of who is popping by the blog and in some cases how they arrived on this side. I love seeing the Google searches that bring people here. One from yesterday said this:

East Lansing, Michigan arrived from

When I followed the Google link I found this in the search box:
can i sync my blackberrys calendars to my boyfriends

I'm sure the searcher meant "Can I sync my Blackberry calendar to my boyfriend's Blackberry calendar" - but in just using the plural of boyfriend, it seems as if she is asking if she could sync her Blackberry to ALL of her boyfriends... and the result was God leading her to my Christian blog. :)

Here are some of the other Google searches from the last week that brought people to my blog:

karoake grace like rain

poem about homecoming with God

sweetly broken karaoke

in the gym i met son of god

jordan sparks "god loves ugly"

god & vegetables

laziness ignorance spelling

"to the cross i look" & "to the cross i cling" & "was bruised and crushed"

There were actually two searches for God & vegetables that brought people to my site in the last 5 days. Guess people will try anything to get their kids to eat those leafy greens! :) And I love that the last search listed above only had one result on the Google search... THIS blog! :)

This shows me that you never know how your words or actions will impact others.

Here I am just writing my random thoughts on finding God in everyday life to a small audience (anywhere from 9-20 people/day according to Stat Counter) hoping to make some sense of my place in this world, and some days, complete strangers might do a Google search and find their way to my story. Maybe something I type will impact them in a positive way... leading them close to God as they traverse their own faith path. Maybe something will spur a discussion with their families... or cause them to re-think some choice they've made.... or give them a good chuckle... or find them a new song for their iPod.

Regardless, my choices of what to write on this blog make small ripples that move outward affecting others. Similarly, this happens in our interactions with others day in and day out. With friends, aquantances, and even strangers, our words and behavior leave impressions.

And it's up to us to choose wisely the way we want be viewed by others and the messages we want to send.

Fortunately, when we live in a manner that is pleasing to God, our words and behaviors honor him. Like Simon Peter and Andrew, we do become "fishers of men:"

Walking along the beach of Lake Galilee,
Jesus saw two brothers: Simon (later called Peter) and Andrew.
They were fishing, throwing their nets into the lake. It was their regular work.
Jesus said to them, "Come with me. I'll make a new kind of fisherman out of you.
I'll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass."
They didn't ask questions, but simply dropped their nets and followed.
Matthew 4:18-20 (The Message)

I hope that in a small way, my words on The God Blog cast out into cyberspace like a net into the ocean... snaring individuals and giving them a few minutes to walk with God. I am honored to be used by Him - and so happy that God has chosen one of my favorite pasttimes (my computer!) to allow me to spread His message.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll be one of the ones listed under "returning visitors" in the future.


PS... Stat Counter cannot tell me "who" you are... just where you can from. If you enjoy posts on this blog, I love to read the comments that are posted. Just click below on the link that says "COMMENTS" and leave one. You can still remain "anonymous" when you do it - and I really love the feedback!! Thanks! :)
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Tammy said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I stop by when I can (or when I think about it), and it inspires me to live my Christian life in a more "Christian" like way. Please keep blogging and inspiring us! And thank you for making me think!

Vladmir said...

mags: do you know why there is so much reference to fish and fishermen in the new testament? because Jesus is the Sun, which has been in the constellation pisces for about 2008 years now. our Lord was in aries before this, hence all the goat/ram refrences of the old testement. before this, our Lord was in taurus. (remember Moses being so upset when he came down the mount? this was because people were worshiping a golden calf, a symbol of the old aeon, or age...) just look at what the Sun does: on december 22 it is at its lowest point in the sky of the entire year. it now stops it's daily procession and stays there, right in the vicinity of the southern cross, for three days. on december 25 it starts moving again, rising more and more into the sky every day until easter, the equinox, when light will finally overpower darkness (days get longer than nights), and we celebrate Christ's victory again and again. a beautiful thing, the Lord working in mysterious ways. things have so many levels to them, much more than we usually can perceive. the virgin mother is not only Mary but also Bethlehem, the House of Bread: the constellation virgo. on the day this was revealed to me, a bite of wheat bread i was chewing actually turned into the flesh of Christ right inside my mouth, EXACTLY as i had this thought. that night i saw dozens and dozens of angels. on this i swear my life. it was the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine. tears come to my eyes even now, just recalling it. the darkness can never stand up to the Light. lies are nothing next to Truth. it's no coincidence nothing can travel faster than Light: it's Godspeed. the speed these words now reach you. i found God in Google. literally. i googled a verse at someone's request, and things just took off from there. (one of the first lines in the passage that came up in the search results told how people mostly wouldn't understand (Luke), but i HAVE to tell what i saw, heard, and felt. i blame you not if you think i am crazy: maybe it could be no other way.) in retrospect i see google's motto is Don't Be Evil. haha. our Lord has even a sense of humor, so to speak. a true sense of finesse. He came to me the week of easter with a string of coincidences that all lined up for miles in both directions and almost blew my mind away. the weight of the knowledge of the Lord, just of the existence, the presence of Him, was almost too much to handle. beautiful visions of the cosmos i was shown. i have always been a man of science, so when i saw the laws of physics break down right in my yard, and the Beauty and Warmth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, i had no choice but to throw myself down and thank Him and thank Him and thank Him for revealing these things to me. i really am not worthy, i feel, deep down... but the upshot is that Light overpowered darkness in my life, after 38 years, as it simultaneously did on this earth. only through His loving Grace will we rejoice in the Kingdom of Heaven. amen. good luck!