Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Found God In Imperfections...

I ran into someone from high school today... *sigh*... not just an "anyone-someone" - a "someone-someone" - one of the handful of people I can think of that if I were to run in to them in public, I am supposed to be my skinniest, most fabulous, put-together self. You know the ones... any ex-boyfriends... any girl that an ex-boyfriend may have dumped you for... a nemisis that haunted the high school halls... or anyone from the "POPULAR" crowd.

Sadly enough... the part about only running in to them when you are your skinniest, most fabulous-put-together self never happens. I Can't

As it was, I run in to this "someone" when I'm wrestling my kids in the fitness center swimming pool... my hair clipped up in a wad... my "Yes-I'm-about-50-lbs-heavier-than-I-was-in-high-school" body... and in a swimsuit, no less. You can't get much more UN-put-together than that!! And of course this someone lounges by the side of the pool in a bikini... *groan*

Why is it that visions of high school (no matter now fun it was), will instantly remind you of all of the insecurities you felt then...? The pressures to "fit in" - even if you had a bunch of friends...? I'm a grown woman... yet I can be instantly transported back to my 16-year old self when I run in to certain people from high school. And while it shouldn't matter anymore what I look like or what I'm doing... somehow, it does.

Fortunately, there is one individual where it DOESN'T matter what I look like or how flawed I'm feeling. God loves me and all of my imperfections... (which also means that He loves those "someone-someones" and all their PERFECTions as well, I guess............... but I digress...). He will not roll his eyes at me (or you!) and talk behind our backs. He will not "accidently forget" your name or be looking for anyone "cooler" to talk to. When you or I talk to God, we have his undivided attention... there's no one "on the other line" distracting Him. He can tune out all of the millions of voices and just be with you or me. Hair in a scrunchy-wad OR in a chignon, we are valued to God. And of all the "someone-someone's," HE is the most important SOMEONE of all.

Relax... you don't have to impress Him... He already knows all of your secrets, your faults, your insecurities... He knows the snarky thoughts that you hide in the darkest corners of your heart... and STILL HE LOVES YOU!

So wad up your hair any way you want - go play in the pool with your kids - and ignore the bikini-clad, popular girls lounging on the side. Compared to God... they are irrelevant to your world.

photo by tamimontano

Happy Swimming,
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